Service level

TSL call center can guarantee a high level of service, for several reasons:

  • We conduct a stable personnel policy, prepare specialists for your business.
  • Today they are our operators, tomorrow your manager and heads of service departments.
  • We provide a high level of information security and protection of confidential customer data according to NDA.
    We do not sell customer bases and do not use information about our client’s business processes for resale.
  • We can integrate a call center with any CRM or ERP systems, which is especially convenient for mass business.
  • In the shortest possible time we communicate with the contact persons of our clients in case of force majeure situations and strive to resolve all issues with the maximum benefit or compromise for all parties to the process.
  • We help a strong business to do stronger, eliminate “bottlenecks” in business processes for working with end users, improve the technology of interaction with consumers of goods or services of our client.
  • We help not only large companies, but also companies that are just starting their life cycle with the same interest.

By contacting the TSL contact center, you entrust your business to a team of experienced professionals who can work on results with people, for people and for the benefit of people. And you also get a number of advantages: savings on attracting additional personnel to your structure, equipment of workplaces, time and funds for training.

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